laser epilation*


Everything to get rid of every
unwanted hair on your body!

laser epilation*


Everything to get rid of every
unwanted hair on your body!

How we achieve such results?

Only in our clinic you can choose any of the 3 lasers suitable for you.

Alexandrite Laser

Quanta System Thunder

– Reliably removes hard, dense hairs on light skin.
– The hair is removed irreversibly, since the laser not only removes the hair, but also “seals” the feeding vessel.
– Exceptional accuracy and built-in cooling system allow you to remove hair without pain.

1, 2 color types

Diode laser

Cocoon Medical

– Universal laser – can be used even in summer on slightly tanned skin of 1, 2, 3 color types.
– The laser acts directly on the hair follicle, destroying it.
– The laser is equipped with a contact cooling system, hair removal is almost painless.

1, 2, 3 color types

Neodymium laser

Fotona SP Dynamis, Nd: YAG

– Epilation with this laser can be carried out in summer, including on tanned skin.
– Reliably removes ingrown hairs.
– The laser “seals” the capillaries that feed the follicle, causing it to collapse.
– The surface of the skin does not experience thermal effects that cause pain.

all color types

Choose a zone

Upper lip 32 €
Chin 44 €
Armpits 65 €
Hands above the elbow 129 €
Back from 259 €
Along the underwear line 99 €
Deep 119 €
Total 150 €
лазерная эпиляция
Shins 169 €
Thighs 199 €
Chest – from 199 €
Stomach – from 199 €
Legs – from 399 €
Eyebrows – from 59 €

Our satisfied clients

As I got older, I began to worry about the growth of dark hair in the area above the lip and chin. I was embarrassed, so I felt terribly happy when I found out about the possibility of deleting them.
It turned out that an Alexandrite Laser could nicely cope with such a problem, and it was not easy to find it in Estonia. To do the procedure, I went to another city once a month, and it was 100% worth it!
Victoria D.
After a week-long summer vacation in Estonia, I decided that I wanted to get rid of my chest hair. The skin was slightly tanned, and therefore I was worried that laser hair removal would not work. However, modern technologies allow it.
Having completed the course, I rushed on vacation again, where I felt much more confident. The first two weeks I had to apply a protective cream, but after that I quietly sunbathed on the beach.
Alexander P.
I had been suffering with ingrown hair in the bikini area for a long time, so I tried everything: shaving foams, depilatory creams, and sugaring from a good technician – the problem stayed.
I am lucky that vipMedicum has a laser that purposefully removes ingrown hairs! After completing the course of laser hair removal, I completely forgot about the problem!
Anna M.
Do you want the same result?

Everything you wanted to know about laser hair removal!

Contraindications to the laser hair removal procedure
Laser hair removal is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women, as well as for anyone who has been diagnosed with photodermatitis, diabetes mellitus in the decompensation stage, colds in the active phase and any viral, fungal and bacterial infections of the skin in the area of the intended treatment.
How to prepare for the procedure?
The optimal hair length for a laser beam is 1 millimeter. It is advisable to pre-align the hair with a shaving machine 24 hours before the first visit to a specialist.
Does the procedure cause side effects?
In some cases, the treated area may turn red during the first 48 hours, small papules (perifollicular edema) may appear.
Do you guarantee the absence of pain during the procedure?
No – and here is why. In order for the hair to stop growing, the follicle must completely collapse. This happens when it is heated to 70 degrees. The sensations depend both on the individual threshold of your pain sensitivity, and on the thickness of the hair and the content of pigment in it.

For most people, this is tolerable, but for people with a lower pain threshold, a diode laser has a special dynamic mode, during which the laser heats up slowly.

How many procedures are needed?
Normally, it takes 5-8 visits. This number directly depends on your age, the natural level of hormonal background, the speed of hair growth in the treated area.
Why can’t I remove my hair in one procedure?
Because the hair is at different stages of development. You can remove only those hairs that are in the stage of active growth at the time of the procedure.

You are guided to the desired result by specialists of aesthetic medicine.


Laser hair removal in Tallinn

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