Laser epilation in Tallinn and Tartu


There are three different wavelengths of laser epilation in the world, all of which are represented only at the vipMedicum beauty clinic!
This is the perfect choice to provide maximum effective laser epilation for 6 different skin types.


Our lasers can do it all!

Try the first procedure with a 50% discount!*

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    Why we are the best

    Best equipment

    Only at our clinic one of the three lasers is chosen – the one that suits you most!
    Lasers from three different manufacturers are represented at the clinic: Fotona, QuantaSystems, Cocoon Medical
    2 laser beams – neodymium laser and diode laser
     all epilation lasers at one clinic

    Best technology and methods

    the number of procedures is less than with any other laser
     procedures can also be done on darker skin
     also removes lighter hair
     local effect
    delicate processing of small areas and fast processing of large areas

    Best offers

    Affordable prices
    minimum installment amount – 250€

    Best specialists

    vipMedicum is a leading centre of aesthetic medicine in Estonia
    certified specialists with medical education
    long-term experience in laser technology and aesthetic medicine

    Individual approach

    In Tallinn we offer our clients 2 lasers for hair epilation: neodymium 1064nm and diode 810nm.

    For best results, all parameters are set according to the specifics of each customer – skin type, hair colour and texture.

    Who is eligible for the procedure?

    – women and men
    – dark hair
    – hypersensitive skin

    What we do

    Laser epilation is a procedure that removes unwanted hair with a laser pulse. The laser breaks down the onion (follicle), breaking down the “root of the problem”.

    Thanks to the innovative DUETTO laser system, which uses two lasers at one nozzle at a time, and, besides performs the procedure in the summer.

    Depending on the surface of the treated area, the procedure may take 5 to 40 minutes. The laser in use has a special cooling system that makes the procedure as painless as possible.

    Totally safe!

    The procedure is completely safe for your skin. The laser only affects the pigment of the hair.

    Length of procedure
    5 – 40

    How it works

    The energy moves along the guide bar, converts into heat and destroys the hair follicles without damaging the skin. The laser beam burns some of the hair, but the hair bulb is destroyed completely, causing the growth of hair to stop.
    Usually, at least 5 treatments with an interval of 3-5 weeks are required to stop the hair growth in the desired area. The first results will be visible after the first visit.
    Try the first procedure with a 50% discount!*
    Call (+372) 6 590 231 or send an online request:

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      *special offer is valid for first-time visit

      Laser epilation benefits

      Eliminates a problem with ingrown hair;
      Already after the first procedure, a decrease in hair growth is noticeable;
      Minimum unpleasant feelings for maximum results;
      The risk of infection is completely excluded;
      No scars or crusts remain on the skin;
      Laser epilation is suitable for every skin type and body part;
      Treating multiple groups of follicles significantly reduces the time required for the procedure.


      First procedure 50% off
      Purchasing five treatments, you get the sixth FREE!

      Prices in Tallinn

      Upper lip 26 €
      Chin 39 €
      Armpits 59 €
      Hand to elbow 109 €
      Lower part of the leg 159 €
      Thighs 189 €
      Legs (fully) 299 €
      Stomach 89 €
      Bikini area
      – along the bikini line 79 €
      – Deep 99 €
      – Complete 139 €
      Back 199 €
      Men’s breast al. 169 €
      Men’s stomacht al. 199 €
      Single hair 4 €

      Prices in Tartu

      Laser epilation TARTU -20%
      Only in Tartu 3=4

      Hinnad Tartus

      Ainult Tartus kehtib kampaania 3=4

      Upper lip 21 €
      Chin 31 €
      Armpits 47 €
      Hand to elbow 87 €
      Lower part of the leg 127 €
      Thighs 151 €
      Legs (fully) 239 €
      Stomach 71 €
      Bikini area
      – along the bikini line 63 €
      – Deep 79 €
      – Complete 111 €
      Back 159 €
      Men’s breast al. 135 €
      Men’s stomach al. 159 €
      Single hair 3 €
      Ülahuul 23 €
      Lõug 35 €
      Kaenlaalused 53 €
      Käed küünarnukini 98 €
      Sääred 143 €
      Reied 170 €
      Jalad (tervenisti) 269 €
      Kõht 80 €
      – mööda pesujoont 71 €
      – sügav 89 €
      – täielik 125 €
      Selg 179 €
      Meeste rind al. 152 €
      Meeste kõht al. 179 €
      Üksik karv 4 €


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